Rabbi Throws Fuel On the War on Christmas

burnxmastreeLet’s file this under a new category called “Jews Not Helping”: Christmas Trees Pulled From Washington’s Sea-Tac Airport Following Complaint.

It seems a Seattle rabbi threatened the Sea-Tac airport with a lawsuit unless they built an 8-foot menorah to “balance the message” of the Christmas tree decorations. Since lawsuits aren’t such warm fuzzy means of communication, the airport instead simply removed the trees, leaving the rabbi and the rest of Washington’s Jewish community looking like overeactive, Santa-hating meanies.

Rabbi, haven’t you heard? Chanukah is not the Jewish Christmas, which means there’s nothing balance out. And while Chabad’s ginormous menorahs certainly are lovely at many points around the globe, keeping them out of the world’s airports seems like pretty good idea. Besides, who wants to compete with tacky?

One thought on “Rabbi Throws Fuel On the War on Christmas

  1. This is becoming hysterical. These cases happen every year and usually 10 to 15 times a year around Chanukah. In almost every case the local council or board or whichever group is deciding if its ok always allows the Menorah. The Unites States Supreme Court has ruled (a few times)on this already.

    All this guy was doing was pulling out the same card every Chabad Rabbi pulls out every time they say no.

    In this case, some snots who thought they were so smart, decided to be tight asses and take the whole thing down.

    This isn’t some Rabbi just looking to “take on Xmas” … this whole story has been completely taken out of context to fit the “war on xmas” story.

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