Purim Parody Madness!

Oooh, Purim’s a’comin’ and that means it’s a mitzvah to raise your glass ’til you can’t tell the difference between a Haman and leperchaun. Or something.

It’s also the season of song parodies—and they get better every year! Jew-ish rocker mama-to-be Pink seems to have penned the choice tune to Yidify in 5771. Yes, “Raise Your Glass,” her catchy anthem to all the “dirty little freaks,” has spawned two different Purim spoofs that’ll have you head-bobbing all week:

First, fresh off their Chanukah superhit (yo, it went mainstream!), are Yeshiva University heartthrobs The Maccabeats—cute, cheeky AND kosher.

Mashing up the same song with a wild Israeli flair (and women) are the Fountainheads, encouraging us to “raise our masks”—a reminder that all the cool mommies and daddies go in costume!

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t raise a toast my very favorite Purim spoof from waaaaay back in 5667, Shabot 6000’s Shusan Shabot:

Oh, you’re looking for a version of the Purim story to go with your hangover? Shalom Sesame keeps it simple. Cheers!

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