Penile Freedom of Choice Protected

The fanatical zealots of the anti-circumcision movement got a bitter taste of their own medicine when Governor Jerry Brown effectively banned circumcision bans in California over the weekend by signing AB768, a bill that precludes local and city governments from establishing legislation that would make it illegal to have a child circumcised.

As you may recall, “intactivists” in San Francisco and San Diego attempted to get measures on the ballot to ban circumcision in their cities last spring. Both were shot down when attorneys declared that city governments don’t have the authority to regulate to what’s considered a medical procedure. Of course to Jews and Muslims, it’s much more, and these asinine measures were correctly seen as an attempt to limit people’s religious freedoms.

Best background can be found on my original penis post, which caught some very interesting commentage, including a really long hilarious one from El Yenta Man.

Governor Brown’s signature shuts down any more possible impositions on what should be a private, personal decision. It’s a definitive “Fuck OFF already” to the fascist and undeniably anti-Semitic undertone of this movement. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it, some people don’t want to snip their boys. So don’t. No one’s making you. Mind your own penises, m’kay? Again, and always, it’s about choice. This country will improve tremendously when we stop trying to politicize the personal.

So that certainly means I don’t support the mandatory male circumcision movement, though I do love this photo that I nipped off their website. Hee hee.

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