Peel Me From the Sky After the Candles Burn Down

I was just thinking that if this is the first you’ve heard about this evening’s edition of The Listening Room at Savannah’s S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, it could be construed as a nice, quiet place where the Sh’Ma is chanted over and over, maybe with some couches and a herbal tea, kind of like a Jewish ashram. Doesn’t that sounds lovely?

Actually, it might be kind of close: The Listening Room is actually a monthly smoke-and-alcohol-free musical event put on by Jake and Miriam Hodesh, a lovely and amazing Jewish couple who rides the edge of all that is cool and progressive, whether they’re distributing biodiesel to the city for their day job or organizing a monthly craft bazaar for local artists on top of a parking garage as New Moon of Savannah or helping organize last month’s Jewish Film Festival.

However, while it may get meditative at tonight’s Listening Room, it’ll be anything but quiet: Doors opens at 7pm and rootsy bluesman Jeff Beasley takes the stage at 8, and after that, THINGS GONNA GET FUNKY. The West African Drum & Dance Experience features djembes, dunduns, shakers and the crazy choreography of my home-women Aisha Rivers and her daughters. You’ll be able to read more about this mama in skirt!’s May issue, but you cannot know the power ‘til you’ve seen her dance, so come out tonight! Info and tix here.

I’ll be throwing down some moves, too – which might be worth the price of admission ($8) if you’d like a little comedy with your music. To be fair to myself, I have been a student of West African dance for 15 years: I just reposted my skirt! essay Tribal Confusion.

A beat-filled Shabbos to all!

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