Pass the Guilt

davidmametAre you a self-hating Jew? David Mamet would like to kick your ass.

In his new book The Wicked Son: Anti-Semitism, Self-Hatred and the Jews, Mamet has an interesting take on my favorite guilty pleasure, which is, of course, guilt:

“‘Jewish Guilt’ is not a side effect of being Jewish, but of being insufficiently Jewish. Buddhism will not cure it, self-help will not cure it, good works will not cure it, A Course in Miracles will not cure it — all of these, ranging from religion to nostrum, cannot eradicate the lapsed Jew’s sense of being lost. For he is lost.”

He could be right; nobody ever heard of Buddhist guilt, right? Personally, when I’m experiencing guilt I turn to a hot bowl of matzoh ball soup; it’s not a cure, but I’m telling ya, it will ameliorate the symptoms.

Elsewhere on the super-sufficiently Jewish Alan Dershowitz thinks Jimmy Carter’s an asshole.

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