Oy, Plain and Simple

user submitted pictureAll right, we’ve had it. No more holiday music. After only thirteen seconds of “Oy To The World: A Klezmer Christmas”, a jaunty collection of traditional Christmas songs reproduced with a distinctly Eastern European flavor, our heads are spinning worse than that time we drank eggnogg spiked with Manischewitz.
Go ahead, try a sample and let us know if it has the same effect.
c/o Jewlicious.

9 thoughts on “Oy, Plain and Simple

  1. reminds me of Jdate… a fake jewish front that fails misserably. Even if it was made by real jews I dont buy into it. Why does everyone want to “christmass-fy” jews? They even had Santa yamakas on the OC! Makes you appreciate Adam Sandler alot more.

  2. i couldn’t even bring myself to listen- i just got into an arguement tonite with a ridiculous talk show host about how Christians in Denver are feeling “oppressed” because the newly-elected mayor asked that Merry Christmas be replaced with Happy Holidays, ON THE CITY AND COUNTY BUILDING downtown; one of the hosts thinks the mayor is weakly responding to the cries of the ‘zealots’ (thinly veiled anti-semitism???) – what is WEAK is that Mr. Mayor did not ask that the NATIVITY scene be taken down from the front lawn of the same city and county building in the capital of Colorado

    i am so sick of hearing Xmas songs already (and having been forced to sing them in high school choir was scarring) that as much as i love klezmer music, i am beyond disappointed with the thought of Klezmer carols

  3. Its a conspiracy. I love the fact that the season brings us together but I dont appreciate the fact that our culture and religion gets smothered by closet anti-semites.

  4. “Oppressed” by the words “Happy Holidays”? Those people need help. Christmas is really just a Pagan holiday anyways. Commercialism at its best. It should read: “Happy Ka-Ching! Day! Empty your wallets at the register and act like you love your family”. Klezmer Carols are an abomination.

  5. Cute, got-milk, but why bother – they should skip the Happy and get straight to the point. “Surrender Your Money To Us.” As for the “carols” I don’t know whether to be scared, amused, or just disappointed; right now I think I’m feeling a bit of all of the above.

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