Our Bad

user submitted pictureWe were quite embarrassed to be contacted by IsraelInsider.com for using their map of the British Mandate in last week’s blog post about the 1917 Balfour Agreement. According to A Blogger’s Code of Ethics at CyberJournalist.net, bloggers should “admit mistakes and correct them promptly” so we were all ready to eat crow until we discovered we did not, in fact, lift the map from IsraelInsider’s “Israel’s Story In Maps”, an awesome collection of high-resolution maps charting the history of the Jewish people.
No, we screwed up even worse than that: We got it from FocusOnJerusalem, an online Christian ministry touting the return of their Savior. Ooops.
So from now on, we promise to credit our photo sources (and not just ’cause we’re afraid of getting caught; it’s the right thing to do.) We also promise to use Jewish sources whenever possible. And next time we need a map, we’ll pay for the good stuff rather rely on schlock graphics.

(“Eat Crow” image from Pete-Online.us. See, it’s easy.)

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