Oops, She’s Really Done It Again

baldbritneyHowdy friends — the Yenta’s still mired in a bevy of unglamorous and unbloggy activities, but I knew you couldn’t live without the knowledge that poor Britney has gone completely batsh*t:

Over the weekend she shaved her own head and got some new tattoos — including a cross — all while wearing her new mogen david necklace.

Personally, I’m a big fan of shaving one’s head when experiencing a major life transition (remember 1993, Mom? You told me I looked like a thumb) but I can’t possibly be the first to make the distasteful observation that at least now her drapes match the carpet — er, or lack thereof.

Lawdy, someone please help this woman! At what point are her children going to surface in some Beverly Hills alley, all feral and eating people’s garbage? If Britney ever wants to be a Jewish mother, she could start with cleaning up her act, just a smidge. Where is her mother, for heaven’s sakes?

I’m not the only Jew with concerns about the Fallen One, just so’s ya know. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach gives her a good talkin’ to in this week’s column, and if that doesn’t work, she may be a lost cause.

13 thoughts on “Oops, She’s Really Done It Again

  1. It’s all because of her involvment with Esther/Madoona, you know. A friend sent me the real dirt on kabbalah — http://www.fixedearth.com/
    seems it’s actually a Jewish conspiracy to hide form people the fact that the earth doesn’t actually & species don’t evolve. Actually the website is more specific, it doesn’t say “Jews” it says “Pharisees” & also says alot of zany things about Catholics and “Christian Zionist” — man, the world is too weird to be stable — the scariest part of this is that apparentlly some GOP reps at the Georgia state house have been passing this nonsense around & taking it seriously in some cases, or so I’ve been told.

  2. The stylist was smart for not touching her hair. Brit proved how crazy she really was by doing it herself. Yes, I do worry about the kids too. Oh, the children!

  3. I felt sick after having read this article. (No offense to author yenta). What made her think that having children was a good idea? Its one thing to ruin your own life..

  4. So she cut her hair and got tattoos ~ Big Deal. Why the incessant kvetchin? She’s a kid. This is what kids do these days. Might be that she’s acting her age. As for her wearing a Mogen David while getting a tattoo of the cross… Right on Brit!!! Might be that she’s a bit more open-minded than the staus quo. You go lil girl!! Hope she gets hip to wearing a unity symbol pendant too [www.unityart.com]. If she wore it, maybe more might get that she’s okay. Just a poor little rich kid fighting for an identity while under the microscope of public scrutiny. Kinda normal for a young celeb growing up in our modern society ~ says an old fortz like me…

  5. (with my best poker face on) David… I see your unity art and I’ll raise you a Coexist bumper sticker [http://carryabigsticker.com/coexist.htm]. Take that!

  6. For some reason, this development has me really worried. And btw, at a dinner with The Kvetcher, the Urban Kvetch, and CK from Jewlicious, you better believe that “carpet and drapes” observation was also heard…

  7. Tooshay Joe!! er… not quite.. but close. I’d always rather keep the silver & gold over a paper sticker any day. Might have to fold on the Brit case though. Ya try to help a young damsel out and.. she finally cracks under the public pressure. Seems she checked herself into a rehab today. Who coulda figured? “Mother! It’s not your turn yet…” Yada.. yada.. yada.. yada” click… shhhhhhhh

  8. Shaved head and a Jewish symbol Tatoo….sounds like someone I know. In fact, I think Britany is copying you Yenta! First all those Cali yuppi wannabees stole your Jewish cowgirl hat look, then dangerously curvacious become all the rage and now this. When will these people get their own damn style? Have you ever followed the trend set forth by the torrid tarts? I hear that hardwoods floors are nice change from wall to wall carpenting. 🙂

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