Oops! (Insert clever lyric here)

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Brittany Spears newfound devotion to Kabbalah has inspired her to get a tattoo on the back of her neck in Hebrew. Unfortunately, the tattoo artist was that guy from Hebrew school that used to get kicked out of class all the time for making those armpit farting noises. This resulted in a tattoo that apparently means absolutely nothing. The male staffers here at Jmerica are particularly disappointed. We were just starting to convince ourselves that she was Jewish enough to bring home to our mothers…

2 thoughts on “Oops! (Insert clever lyric here)

  1. Maybe after seeing the wisdom of Judaism and the Kabbalah she’ll also see the wisdom of not releasing another CD. We can only pray for the best….

  2. would you bring a girl with a tattoo home to your jewish mother??? o-goy-echt

    I know the pickings are slim every day in Atlanta = i see every girl with tattoos and think that this is going to cost me in medicare when these people get old and are wanting to get them removed… you know that this day is coming!

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