Oooh, Oscar!

user submitted pictureOur favorite Jewish celeb watcher Nate Bloom notes that even though this isn’t a huge year for Jews Academy Awards-wise (no heart-wrenching Holocaust film nominee, no Billy Crystal) there’s still plenty of reason to plug into the tube Sunday night. Our eye is on Hotel Rwanda‘s Sophie Okonedo, the Jewish daughter of a British mother and a Nigerian father, for her supporting role in another sort of holocaust film. We’re very torn here at Jmerica, since Okonedo is up against our darling Natalie in the same category. May the best (Jewish) woman win!

2 thoughts on “Oooh, Oscar!

  1. Has anyone ever heard of the JEwscars??? I think this site should give them out to the best Blogs, Single stories, Yo Yenta colunms and I thing that would be funny..???? You can even call them the J Awards??

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