Not The T-Shirt of the Week, Ever

nazishirtMan, first it’s the Canadian ferry, now it’s a t-shirt — even closer to home: reports (via Jewschool) that Wal-Mart is continuing to sell a t-shirt silkscreened with the insignia of Nazi Germany’s 3rd SS Division Totenkopf, the battalion that committed the largest number of war crimes out of all the German SS divisions — in spite of receiving letters from Congress asking them to pull them from the shelves six months ago. Just proves Wal-Mart is supremely evil, above the law and Congress’ power is about as effective as one of their $.99 flyswatters. *sigh*

What kind of ignorant schmuck would design a shirt for mass production with Nazi symbolage in the first place? Um, a Jewish insensitive schmuck, unfortunately. Scott Deutsch, president of Miami-based Orange Clothing Company, found the skull in a “European trend book.” Der, dude.

If you saw someone wearing one of these, would you say something, like “Excuse me, did you know you’re wearing a Nazi symbol?” I definitely would, though I wouldn’t be surprised to get a completely apathetic response. Young dudes wearing skull shirts aren’t known for their historical awareness and social outrage. In which case I should be prepared with one of those pink paint guns PETA activists carry around in case they see someone wearing a fur coat, dontcha think?

5 thoughts on “Not The T-Shirt of the Week, Ever

  1. I’ve been boycotting warlmart for so long I forgot when was the last time I set foot in one. I rather shop at the flea market or mom-n-pop stores where I know my money is placed directly in the hands of a bread winner who lives IN my community rather than having it shipped out to Arkansas and China. On that note, I don’t feel like Congress should be telling Walmart what shirts they can or can’t carry. It’s not their business. But it is our business as informed cizitens to spill the beans on the ignorance of Walmart and the Orange clothing folks.
    So Yenta, thanks for bringing this to our attention (I love ya for the great blog), lets continue to pass this on.

  2. Yo, Yenta;
    Thanks for hitting the nail in the skull –
    WalMart has it coming, as does that ‘Jewish insensitive schmuck’! I won’t do just anything for $, and you wouldn’t either.

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