5 thoughts on “Not Messing With the Zohan

  1. Actually, check out SALon’s review… they didn’t LOVE it, but…. based on their review I might want to see it. Plus (can I say this and not have my license taken away?) he actually looks kinda hot in this movie.

  2. I saw the Zohan yesterday and I guess its a movie that targets a certain audience. There are many jokes about Israeli stereotypes that gentiles might not understand. I laughed at them of course but in the end this is a campy movie trying to address the conflict with the Palestinians without being too serious. Some of the sexual jokes went a bit too far and Adam Sandler could have done better in the end. Probably worth watching on free cable if you’d like a few laughs.

  3. I saw it with my Israeli husband, who did laugh. The movie would have been better if they made the Zohan a super-hero instead of a man looking to marry a woman, like all typical Hollywood movies.

    I would also say rent it on DVD.

  4. Adam Sandler is classic in his own way, though he tends to do his best work when he stays casual, not trying too hard to be funny or deep, etc.

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