Not Exactly A Flood of Coincidences, But…

noah's arkThis morning Cranky Yenta Boy would not get out of bed. Instead of the excruciating Drips of Icy Water on the Chest method my mother used for slow morning rousers, I subjected the child to an old Sunday school favorite:

Rise and shine, give God your glory, glory
Rise and shine, give God your glory, glory
Rise and shine! Give God your glory, glory
Children of the Lord.

God said to Noah, there’s gonna be a floody, floody
God said to Noah, there’s gonna be a floody, floody
Get those children out of the muddy, muddy!
Children of the Lord

Rise and shine…

(You probably know how the story ends, animals in twosies twosies and all, but you can access the rest of the “Arky, Arky Song” lyrics here, or listen to Raffi’s version if you don’t currently have any particular melody stuck in your head or would like to replace the synapse-corroding “Sexyback” as today’s mental soundtrack.)

Anyway, upon checking today’s JBlogs, it appears the Great Flood was on other’s minds this morning: Jewlicious‘ themiddle posted this NY Times article regarding new geological information and coincidental anecdotes from different cultures that invigorate the theory that an asteroid caused the earthly mess.

When bloggers blog about the same thing spontaneously, we call it 100th Monkey Syndrome. It’s also what happens when you put two monkeys on an ark together for 40 days and nights.

*Stained glass artwork by recycled materials goddess Susan Beardsley — check out more!

One thought on “Not Exactly A Flood of Coincidences, But…

  1. I don’t have any kids of my own yet but that is a genius idea for waking those lil’ buggers! I also read that article about the flooding stories. Word is that there are huge cities sunken off the coast of Cuba, Japan, and India that defy explanation. You know how we humans tend to live close to the sea and build huge cities and all… maybe all of those flood stories have some merit?

    Maybe my future kids will not be spared the cold dripping drops of their wake-up call!

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