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jibsThere must be some mistake — The Third Annual Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards just finished up the first round of voting and Yo, Yenta! was nowhere to be seen on the list of candidates.

It’s okay, I forgive you. I’m so out of the JBloggy loop I even forgot to nominate myself. The truth is, besides the biggie blogs like Jewschool and Jewlicious, I don’t read most of the nominees on a regular basis, though I recognize some names. The sheer number of Jewish bloggers is staggering — the blogroll at JRants seems to have doubled in the past year! Wonderful that we all have so much to say.

Yet as usual, I feel myself on the fringe of the Jewish “in crowd.” I don’t live in New York, don’t have much to add to Torah discussions or Israeli politics and am far too overwhelmed by family life to get really serious about saving Darfur. Yet here I am, still tippity-tapping away after three years (The day after the second seder marked my third blogiversary.) Not that I think I deserve a place among the best JBloggers; I’m just sayin’, I been around for awhile, even if these days I barely have time to post, let alone answer back all you dolls who leave nice things in the comments section (and I’m way behind on that, too. If they gave out an award for personal tsursis, I’d be a shoe-in.)

The weirdest thing is that the more removed I feel from the whole JBlogosphere at large, the more local people seem to be reading this blog. In California, not one person in my congregation ever had anything to say about my rants, and I kind of liked the anonymity. Here in Savannah, I’m outed at almost every Jewish function I attend, which is gratifying or terrifying, depending on whether I feel strong enough to take a little Southern gabbing behind my back.

S’long as you keep visiting once in a while, I’m cool with being a small (gefilte) fish in the big (aspic) pond. Y’all go vote for some of those supersmart, articulate Jewish bloggers. I’ll always have 2005, yo.

8 thoughts on “No Competition

  1. Hey Yo: Sorry, but I missed the deadline for nominations. So help me, I would’ve nominated your blog, I swear, please believe me. However, I’ve started my own blog – it’s lousy, I think my paranoia is on the clothesline (well, it’s sorta political) – and I arranged my list of favorite blogs in reverse alphabetical order. Guess who’s on top? Actually, yours is the 1st blog I always check – really.
    Not to advertise, it’s

  2. I don’t live in New York. It is possible for cool Jews to live outside of New York, or even outside of the metro area. Oh, I don’t know, say the midwest, even. Even Savannah 😉

  3. Schvach ~ you’re awesome. Your last post was fabulous – I couldn’t comment ’cause I don’t have a Blogger account. Can you fix it so I can?

    Ezer ~ Um, are you a neighbor???

    JB ~ I’m not down! Are YOU in? I’ll vote for ya!

  4. Hello Yo:
    I think it’s possible to add a comment
    anonymously – maybe,I think; however, your e-mail account is isn’t it –
    that’s what’s needed. Hope to read your comment; it’ll be the 1st.

  5. You think,perhaps,the honeybees that were subjected to the computer chip on the backside are the causation of their recent dilema?

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