New German Film Gives The Fuhrer The Treatment He Deserves

hitlerThe very first comedy about Hitler from Germany takes poetic license to its giddy hilt by exposing Adolf’s bed-wetting tendencies, drug addiction and predilection for dressing his pet in Nazi costumes.

Mein Fuhrer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler is a state-funded project and is based – um, just a little — on actual historical material. Swiss director and MOT Dani Levy doesn’t feel even a twinge of guilt for manipulating facts for his farce.

“I don’t want to give this cynical, psychological wreck of a person the honor of a realistic portrayal,” he says in an interview with The Washington Times. And while there are many who will never, ever find Hitler funny, Levy believes his film has value in its ability to show history’s most evil character for what he was. “Comedy is more subversive than tragedy. It can assert things that aren’t possible in an authentic, serious portrayal.”

The film has already caused tsuris last March when it transported Berlin’s Lustgarten square back to the swastika-waving times, but it looks like the Germans are finally ready to laugh at Hitler. ‘Course, some Jews have already been cracking Nazi jokes for years…

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