Mrs. Ari Redefines the Jewish TV Wife

Of course you know Jeremy Piven won an Emmy for his role as Entourage’s snakey agent-with-the-heart-of-gold. Did you doubt it, bitch? Insert your favorite Ari quote here.

mrs. ariOne of the reasons everyone loves Ari is because he’s just the nastiest, slimiest toad ever, yet remains faithful to his wife, the steely balabusta known only as Mrs. Ari. This article by Karen Schwartz in Nextbook gives intellectual treatment to Jewish TV wives and how acidic Mrs. Ari (played by perfectly nice Perrey Reeves) represents a step forward — however bitchy — for the archetype.

This Yenta is super sorry to see the season go. That show is the juiciest, funniest half hour a week I get these days. Listen, it’s not such a glamorous life with the two kids, the mentally-ill in-laws, the living on a small island awaiting Tropical Storm Ernesto to wipe away the family’s few possessions not still in storage in California. Now El Yenta Man and I will have to start playing naked Scrabble again for entertainment — if it the Scrabble set doesn’t get swept out to sea.

Bloomberg reports Ernesto has been downgraded to a tropical depression. Don’t they have a special kind of Prozac for that, something with little Hawaiian flowers on the box?

Though Tropical Depression Ernesto’s effect on the Georgia coast coincides with the smaller, yet more volatile, Pre Menstrual Storm Yenta, it’s nothing a batch of the tequila-lime chicken I’m planning to cook for dinner and several pounds of chocolate can’t remedy.

3 thoughts on “Mrs. Ari Redefines the Jewish TV Wife

  1. You may want to try the new “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip…” Aaron Sorkin’s new show, which is like Entourage meets SNL meets The West Wing. If you want something more juvenile, try Veronica Mars, and for more serious guilty pleasures, try Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck. You’re welcome!

  2. You know, I never put much thought into the writing for her until now. As a feminist, that is shocking! I hope they write her in more, she’s got great legs.

  3. Mrs. Ari has a lot to deal with so I give her points for putting $$$ into her husband’s meshugana biz based on other people who are mesgugana.

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