More Proof That The Jewish World Has Been Potterfied?

user submitted pictureAccording to Ynetnews, a group of Israeli activists opposing Sharon’s disengagement plan have performed a kabbalistic death curse on the prime minister. The “Pulsa Dinura” calls for the angels of destruction to take out someone believed to be a sinner and purportedly will only work on Jewish people as defined by halachic law (tough luck, anti-Bush folk.)
The ceremony drew about twenty black-clad participants (who had to be married, over 40 and bearded- tough luck, Madonna) to a graveyard where the rabbi-condoned ritual was chanted in the ancient language of Aramaic.
Um, right, so this sounds about as Jewish as Sunday morning mass and about as creepily-black magic as a Voldemort pep rally.
In spite of the fact that the Pulsa Dinura group has threatened other members of the cabinet with the curse, Sharon and his colleagues remain alive and well. For now. (Insert maniacal laughter here.)
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One thought on “More Proof That The Jewish World Has Been Potterfied?

  1. I heard about this on the Marc Maron radio show in NY. Pretty creepy, lets hope it doesn’t come true. Nobody should play G-d with other people’s lives.

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