More From The Mouths of (My) Babes

Dinner at the Yenta house, always loud, sometimes interesting:

El Yenta Boy:
I remember my bris.

Me, his mother: Really.

Boy: Yup. I remember the rabbi with the big beard and grandpa giving me wine. Then I felt my wiener sting and I fainted.

Me, to El Yenta Man: Did you hear that? He remembers his circumcision! Amazing!

El Yenta Man: That’s because I just showed him the video.

Little Yenta Girl, who believes she should have everything her older brother has:
I wanna circumcision!

Me: Sorry, babes, not in this lifetime.

Oh. Well, maybe tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “More From The Mouths of (My) Babes

  1. supersexy models, catholic clergy, penis talk … sheeeeesh gettin smutty in here 🙂

    how ya been yenta, long time no see … although I waved at ElYM at the J last Tues.

    how’s the new job??? your public breathlessly awaits news …

  2. Yenta — you’re scaring me … all this post-traumatic bris syndrome talk has me thinking that I better get my four sons into therapy or they’ll all grow up to really hate me … but no, no matter how hard (bad choice of adjective? what would Ron Jeremy say?) I try I can’t remember my foreskin … although did it really deserve to be cut off? what did it do wrong?

    Schvach — well actually I listened to it on tape … Augustine’s “Confessions” that is … I teach political theory, Augustine is part of the canon, that’s my excuse.

  3. OK Yent, you asked for it, so don’t blame me: I’m lucky I remember to zip my fly. How’s that for risque, tadum dum (you couldn’t have said it better, could you?).

  4. Dan:
    Bless you my son, but beware, the power of the blog commands you! Besides, I really have never read St. Augustine, or Aquinas, or St Anselm (well actually, I have read him).

  5. This IS very funny b/c I know the kid and he’s got a great imagination and is destined for greatness…or something weird.

  6. As Art Linkletter wrote, “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. Write all of them down so you can tell their children the crazy things their parents said.

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