Meet Leo’s New Model

bar rafaelLeonardo DiCaprio, once a superstar and now best known for dating tall blondes, has a new woman: 20-year-old Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli.

Yeah, she’s hot, but Bar, who’s been spotted all over Europe with the man formerly attached to Gisele Bundchen, is well-known in Israel for being a draft dodger. Seems she married a much older man right before she was supposed to show up for army duty, which excused her from the Israeli military. And she hasn’t quite gotten that get (Jewish divorce decree) even though she’s been out gallavanting with Leo, 11 years her senior.

At least it’s not a nice Jewish girl dating the world’s most superficial movie star.

*A hair flip to the Bangitout Blog; photo c/o gabsmash.

13 thoughts on “Meet Leo’s New Model

  1. Leo – once a superstar?? I think he definitely qualifies as a superstar – he was nominated for Best Actor Oscar just a year ago and won Best Actor Golden Globes last year. He’s making $20 mllion a movie – I think that qualifies as a superstar.

    And yes, he is a “tree-hugger”. He’s involved a lot in green organizations like Global Green and the NRDC.

  2. Paul, the selection of girls on those sites were still good looking. I have a thing for Israeli girls. I might take one of those cruise tours to visit this summer. I pray and hope that those Girls (and of course the guys) who risk everything for Israel are safe and able to come home to strengthen the country and the community (especially the hot girls). 😉

  3. Well i think that Bar Rafael is Original but stunning and thats whats beautiful about her. Also i am a huge i mean huge Leo fan and think that he should give us Nobody’s a go lol.

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