May Your Next Marital Argument Be So Entertaining

No denying it; Sid Caeser was is (he’s frail and cranky as of two weeks ago, but still doing his double-talkin’) a comic genius.

This clip, starring the expressive Nanette Fabray, was shot live for Caesar’s 50’s variety show, meaning no editing, no second takes, no swearing – even today’s funniest Jews don’t hold a candle. TV today is such crap; remember when shows actually had people with talent instead of formulating the entire premise of the show on searching it out among a sea of amateur idiots?

Oh great. I’m an alterkocker at 36.

I’m thinking of working on an updated version of Sid’s idea starring my bickering children to something noisy and tortured by Shostakovich.

2 thoughts on “May Your Next Marital Argument Be So Entertaining

  1. Dear alterkocker: Welcome to the club, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until you receive an unsolicited invitation in the mail to join AARP. It happens just days preceding one’s 50th birthday. I went into a depression for weeks after receiving mine, and they don’t quit.

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