May The Force Be With Or Without You

user submitted pictureWe haven’t made on the Revenge of the Sith train as of yet, in spite of the facts that the film and all its hype were dreamed up a mere eleven miles from our front door and Lord Lucas himself lives a few neighborhoods over. (We see him in town sometimes eating eggs at the Koffee Klatch. Our friends in the service industry say he tips ten percent. Every time.)
It’s not that we won’t see it eventually in the privacy of our own livingroom (if only to muse how much our bubbie has started to look and sound like Yoda in the past five years), but we’re just, shall we say, not that into it. Certainly not enough to have a “Star Wars Shabbat” like these geeks. But to each his or her own.
Shabbat Shalom!

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