Madonna, the Yenta Ouijazilla

maddonaThe title of Mack Hall’s essay in the Orange County News was the best thing in my inbox this morning (after the email from my mother telling me what a great kid I am). For the most part, I find the whole “isn’t celebrity kabbalah whack?” theme to be very 2004, but Madonnaesther’s recent declaration that she is an ambassador for Judaism has stirred up the pundit pot once again.

Hall starts out with the usual red string bashing (yawn), but saves himself by asking the important question:

Why is it that the rich and famous seem genetically unable to sit modestly and humbly in a pew, donate to the soup kitchen, help serve coffee after divine services, and just shut up?

The rest of the essay, particularly the last paragraph, is worth five minutes of your time – read it here.

5 thoughts on “Madonna, the Yenta Ouijazilla

  1. Sadly, Madonna is more mitzvah observant and charitable than most of the *real* Jews I run into. And at least she brings herself and her money to support Israel on a regular basis.

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