Madonna, The New Scapegoat of the Middle East?

user submitted pictureAccording to E! online, the Egyptian government has seen to it that our beloved Maddonaesther will never see the Sphinx.
“According to published reports, Egyptian politicians have moved to bar the pop goddess from entering the country because of her recent visit to Israel and her devotion to Kabbalah. The fact that Madonna has no immediate plans to visit pyramid country apparently did not deter members of Egypt’s parliament from issuing an order to never issue a visa to the singer sometimes known as Esther.”
Sheesh, we could understand protesting a concert or something, but banning her from the whole country just because she’s (kind of) Jewish seems weirdly dramatic. Isn’t Egypt supposed to be a “friendly” Arab neighbor, or at least one of the not-so-insane ones? Is Egypt taking an active anti-Semitic stance here or is it just opposed to Kabbalist quasi-Jews who travel with overzealous bodyguards and an entourage of 2000 people? Wouldn’t it actually benefit Egypt to bring Madonna and her zoo to lubricate the local economy? My, my, this Kabbalahpalooza mishegoss has gotten rather political. What if the Kabbalah Center’s giant peace extravaganza instead ignites Armageddon?!
(That’s us being weirdly dramatic.)

4 thoughts on “Madonna, The New Scapegoat of the Middle East?

  1. I can think of at least a dozen good reasons why I wouldn’t let that dumbass in my country. Being kinda jewish-ish isn’t one of them.

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