Long Live My Crush On Spock

The Yenta’s got a sick kid and mother-in-law duties this week, so in the meantime, please enjoy Leonard Nimoy’s charming and informative talk on the Jewish origins of his Star Trek character.

I’ve always had a thing for Leonard since I saw that weird movie Baffled as a kid, and my crush continues to deepen as I follow his photographic work exploring the shekinah, the Judaism’s representation of the Divine Feminine. (Though I have to say, his nudie pictures of ladies wrapped in tefillin were a teensy bit shocking. But that’s what makes him an artist.)

One thought on “Long Live My Crush On Spock

  1. I spent most of my childhood and teen years veering between being in love with Spock and wanting to *be* Spock. Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy!

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