Let’s Go To Mecca!

meccaHe used to be the global terrorist dictator that everyone loved to hate, but these days Moammar Quaddafi is considered one of the Middle East’s more rational leaders (yikes!) Besides negotiating peace in Israel and providing refuge for displaced Africans, the terrorist supporter formerly known as the PLO’s moneyman has taken on a new role: Travel agent.

The Libyan leader has issued a declaration that Jews as well as Christians should be permitted to hotfoot it to Saudi Arabia and circle the Kaaba, the mysterious black box that is Islam’s holiest site. Though every able-bodied Muslim is admonished to make the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once a lifetime, non-Muslims are not currently allowed to enter the city.

Even though Qaddafi’s new moderate groove is probably for real (and what do we make of the Web rumor that his mother was Jewish?) it still kinda sounds like the wolf inviting the chickens into the soup pot. And it’s not like Mecca’s in his country, anyway.

Feh. I’m sticking to Disneyworld for now.

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