Kosher Cosmos: Shabbat In Space

Jewish Daffy Duck - Outer SpaceCool news, NASA is actually accommodating Jewish Astronauts:

NASA is seeking to consult rabbis regarding the necessary arrangements and ways to uphold Torah commandments in space. Among other things, there is a need to determine at every stage in the space flight the position of Jerusalem in relation to the space station, so that astronauts know which was to turn when praying.

Until the Israeli Space Agency can launch its own astronauts we’ll have to rely on NASA’s efforts to adapt it’s shuttles and space stations for the needs of current and future “Jews in Space” (like Mel Brooks in Spaceballs). What would that freeze-dried Kosher space food taste like?

I also wonder, when humans finally reach other star systems, how will we stay synchronized with the Hebrew Calendar without the Sun or the moon? (Drop some ideas in the comments section!)

4 thoughts on “Kosher Cosmos: Shabbat In Space

  1. You just opened a huge can of worms there, But if the Sun and the Moon no longer exist or are light years away, I’d think any Jewish astronaut will have to pack an atomic clock with the Hebrew Calendar in it. Or we’ll have to phone home to find out if we missed Rosh Hashanah, or we’ll have to get a Rabbi to visit the new star system we’re in so that the Rabbi can pick out that date, I don’t know. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that, for now.

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