Kick Ass Jew of the Week

user submitted picture Although we hate to admit it, we are just a little bit sappy here at Jmerica. We still cry whenever we watch E.T. or old episodes of Knight Rider. So, we thought we would keep in touch with that side of ourselves and blog this story about a mensch named David Lazerson who uses Jewish teachings and music in an effort to reach autistic children. In our humble opinion, this is pretty much what being a Jew is all about.

Now back to blogging celebrities wearing Kabbakah bracelets.

4 thoughts on “Kick Ass Jew of the Week

  1. Oh, you folks are too kind!
    Appreciate the title & the accolades, amigos. But I gladly bestow the “Kick Ass Jew of the Times” to YoYenta! And I thought I was cool?!

    Sorry for the loooooong delay, but never saw this till now!

    Keep on kickin’ YoYenta!!

    and turn the world upside down


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