Jmerica Tip: Cleaning Your Menorah

user submitted pictureSo Chanukah is officially over. We hope yours was full of warmth, greasy treats and glinty gold gelt. Ours was truly de*light*ful; we lit a menorah each night for every member of the household and had extras on hand for guests, which made last night’s full effect something of a fire hazard. Not to mention the melty mess to clean- dripless candles? Yeah, right.
Here’s a little tip we learned a few years ago to aid you in this blessed chore: Put your menorah in the freezer overnight before cleaning it. The wax will harden and be easier to chip off with a butter knife or other scraping tool. Polish your chanukiah with a clean rag and put it away someplace safe. You’ll be so happy when you pull it out next year, all shiny and ready to take on eight more nights of melted light.
Now, if anyone has any advice on what to about the multitude of tiny burns on our hands from our epic, spattering latke extravaganza, please post them.

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