Jewsflash: Mel Gibson A Drunk AND An Anti-Semite

melgibsonOh man, has this guy dug himself a deep one: The news site TMZ reported yesterday that when Gibson was arrested Friday for suspicion of drunk-driving in Malibu, he went on trash-talking, anti-Semitic tirade. And the L.A. Sheriff’s Department tried to suppress it.

After arresting Gibson Friday morning, Deputy James Mee audiotaped his unpleasant exhange with the actor/director/Christ biographer and filed an eight-page report detailing Gibson’s unbelievably nasty spew ย— and was then told by his supervisors to rewrite it, leaving out anything that might inspire “Jewish hatred” and damage his career. (Read parts of the original report here.)

Some choice quotes: “F*****g Jews … The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Gibson then asked the deputy, “Are you a Jew?” (He also called a female officer “sugar tits,” exposing Gibson’s chauvinist pig colors as well.) One can only wonder which of Hollywood’s Jews pissed off him so badly. Perhaps the Weinsteins denied him studio money to produce a Hezbollah biopic?

Gibson has issued the standard lameass celebrity apology for bad behavior (“I did a number of things that were very wrong and for which I am ashamed” yadayadayada), but add this to the “Passion”‘s bloody blaming-the-Jews-for-killing-Jesus crapola and his father’s Holocaust-denying and the guy has just scaled back his career to making anti-birth control films for the Catholic Church.

Naturally, my main man Abe Foxman, president of the Anti-Defamation League, is already on it: In a press release this morning, Foxman called Gibson’s apology “unremorseful and insufficient” and that it’s not a “proper apology because it does not go to the essence of his bigotry and his anti-Semitism … We would hope that Hollywood now would realize the bigot in their midst and that they will distance themselves from this anti-Semite.”

Speaking of Semitic Hollywood, anyone else catch Ari Gold trying to play the Jew card when backed into a corner on last night’s episode of Entourage? Brilliant.

11 thoughts on “Jewsflash: Mel Gibson A Drunk AND An Anti-Semite

  1. He’s really done it this time… I guess the Multi-Million dollar anit-semitic “jesus pic” didn’t give it away, maybe this will.

  2. As the Romans used to say, “In vino veritas,” in wine comes the truth. Now we know what’s really in his heart and what his true motives were for making that hateful movie.

  3. as soon as i heard about gibson’s remarks, i thought yenta had to comment on it. glad to see i am right! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Mel Gibson needs to be reminded who the chosen people are. We should have a movie burning. A giant bonfire where we burn his movies and his career as a symbol of how he is destined to burn in hell for breaking the 11th comandment……don’t fuck with the Jews!
    Even more pathetic was his blaming his ignorance on his alcoholism (his demons). Fag Max is a big wuss who can’t handle his booze, then blames his problems on his types favorite scapegoat. Good news is that the cool Jew Jesus died for Mel’s sins so we don’t have nail his ass to a cross…..oh wait, that’s the bad news….whatever….fuckem.

  5. first of all, things are getting out of hand. my gut feeling tells me he was lashing out. the ones he trully loves close to his human heart could bare. being on top with almost unlimited wealth and prestige, he found out that there’s a big void that still ate him up inside and out. after what was said, i think he’s still a precious being in my eyes.thank God he had enough strength not to commit the unthinkable, to me that would been a much more tragic outcome.i am not religious, but i believe everybody needs a certain foundation for a future life endeavor. people make mistakes, only true believers[any religion]. can correct them. steven sohriakoff

  6. Sure, Steven, everybody makes mistakes. But getting wasted, calling cops “sugartits” and blaming the “f***kn Jews” for one’s stress should certainly be frowned upon.
    But I’m sure he appreciates your support.

  7. Steven, there’s no way to defend these actions, even with using alcohol as a scape goat (especially since “scape goats” are from Jewish tradition, look it up in wikipedia).

    Mel is a sick, twisted, individual.

  8. To #5 Steven, I am a recoverying Alcoholic, I can tell you for a fact that Mel is totally and without a doubt INSINCERE. It will take about 2 years of working a 12 step program before the fog will even began to lift. AND he will have to continue to work a 12 step program for the rest of his miserable life. But I wouldn’t bet on it. Yes, Steven I am Jewish and there are many Jews in recovery. Read on.
    Yenta, glad to have You back, and glad U and Urs got down South safely. Just to let you know Cat-Daddy Pepe Pringles did a fine job while you were schelping cross-country. More good news–my boy Danny the 19 yr old Heroin junkie in Louisiana has been CLEAN N SOBER going on 10 Months this month. KEWL TOONS!!!!

  9. responding to six and seven. I’m not making any excuses and especially for Mel. He needs to be punished. He said some awful statements, even if I was 3 times the illegal limit.But really bothers me, after he said some stupid and idiot slurs, why did he said it in the first place? He has nothing to gain from this. Give him a chance to explain when his mind is back on track. Me myself will learn from his ignorant actions in a different level. Steven Sohriakoff

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