Jews should save the world…

Jews Save the World! Good ol’ Rabbi Marc Howard Wilson provides us with his top 5 reasons why Jews should work to save the world for everyone, and not just for MOT’s. He’s got a bone to pick with bigots both within our community and those nasty anti-Semitic ones too, both who keep us from being highly visible in mainstream causes. As he explains “Being a Jew who, by design or default, has been in the vanguard of social issues like homelessness, literacy, political advocacy, interfaith and interracial relations, has proved to be a mixed blessing.” Rather than to limit ourselves to strictly Jewish causes, Rabbi Wilson feels it’s imperative that we should fulfill our “divine mandate to be ‘a light unto the nations’,” (by the way that’s reason #3).
Check out the top 5 reason why you should help save the world for the greater good and then check out Rabbi Marc Howard Wilson‘s other columns on his website

One thought on “Jews should save the world…

  1. Helping the world is a nice thing, but not at the expense of helping our people *first*. There is an old rabbinic saying that says, Before you reform others, first reform yourself. I have a big problem with Jews who go out and try to save the whole world and couldn’t be bothered with helping their own brethren. Jews who donate to non-Jewish causes is in inverse and less than equal proportion to non-Jews who donate to Jewish causes (even though, strangely enough, the latter do exist).

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