Jews on the Verge of Giving Their Mothers Nervous Breakdowns

amywinehouseWhen I saw a flyer for a local Savannah band called Jewop, I pictured a clean-cut quartet of Fonzie types snapping their fingers and combing back their ducktails, singing “Dayenu” in four-part harmony. Turns out it’s a guitarless Jewish-Italian death metal duo whose current album’s cover art features a bloody scapel and is aptly called Stab/Operate. Not really my scene, but maybe you’re into it.

Also on the causing-parental-chest-pain radar is British songstress Amy Winehouse, whose drunken escapades have made her the darling of the tabloids across the pond, especially with the folks at Jewtastic. I downloaded her second album Back to Black, and well, wow. Amy might be a potty-mouthed, “dickhead drunk” (her words), but the girl can sing. But maybe my UK friends can help me out: What exactly does “fuckery” mean?

Then there’s nice Jewish punk princess porn star Joanna Angel, whose Jewcy interview I will be happy to link, but you’ll have to find the really dirty stuff on your own.

None of these kids incorporate their Judaism into their professional work (and just what would that look like anyway, Ms. Angel?) yet all identify as Jewish in interviews and such. So do we consider them “Jewish artists” or not? I don’t know, I’m not sure I care. I suppose I only wanted to show my mother how I could have turned out so much worse.

4 thoughts on “Jews on the Verge of Giving Their Mothers Nervous Breakdowns

  1. i shared an apartment and was close friends with “joanna angel” in college. i havent seen or spoken with her since then and was so shocked when i saw the link on jewschool recently to that interview that you refer to becuase i hadnt known that she went that far with the porn thing (though i remember when she started i cant tell you how strange it is to see somebody you knew doing something like that (which i neither condemn nor condone). anyway, i remember her parents and just cannot imagine how they handle this. they were VERY strict. i wonder what they tell their friends what their daughter does. in any case, i definitely do not consider joanna angel a jewish artist. i definitely consider her an artist (she is an AMAZING writer – poetry especially) and i would definitely say she is jewish and feels jewish, but her “art” is definitely not jewish.

  2. Amy Winehouse reminds me a bit of Joss Stone. Not entirely sure if I like her yet.

    I have to agree that most of these artists are not Jewish artists since their work uh rarely reflects that side of them.

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