Jewish Mother Gone Viral

Smart Jewish mama/professor Sari Gilbert commanded her students to create a “viral video” (one that is so clever and funny that lots and lots of people pass it around and post it on their blogs.) She decided to try her own hand with After Effects software and ended up turning out the best one in the class.

Watch and join us: Just say NO to plastic chozzerai for Chanukah!

4 thoughts on “Jewish Mother Gone Viral

  1. Oh man, this thing is hyper-viral. “L-E-A-D lead. It gets into your head…” It is already stuck in my brain creating more and more long-term memory axonal connections as we speak. Somebody make it go away!

    Unfortunately, there is one major error in the video. There is no lead in toothpaste. Hydrated silica, a kind of wet sandy substance responsible for scraping off stains and polishing teeth, yes, but no lead. There was that little Chinese antifreeze contamination problem in their toothpaste, but not lead.

    I invite some female scientist to comment about the truth of lead in lipstick…

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