Jewish Miss France Takes The Whole Continent

miss europeI don’t know how I missed the coronation of a Jewish Miss France last December, but Alexandra Rosenfeld’s sparkling tiara is all over the place since she was crowned Miss Europe last Friday in Kiev.

Could this mean the anti-Semitic fever in Europe, especially in incident-studded France, is breaking?

Don’t rush to the passport office yet, amies. According to a Belarus blogger (I can’t translate the Russian name, sorry, public school education) lovely Alexandra began drawing ugly anti-Semitic comments on the Web the minute the crown touched her head. Most beauty queens pay lip service during their reigns for some worthy cause or another, but it looks like Mademoiselle Rosenfeld may have to become a true Jewish diplomat and the ADL‘s poster girl before she passes on her title next year.

4 thoughts on “Jewish Miss France Takes The Whole Continent

  1. The news source is called either Naveny or Belapan. They are one of the few independant, locally printed news sources from Belarus that take the time to also publish in English. And though they have a more than reasonable oppositional leaning, they have to to remain independant, unlike most of the Belarusian websites, they do actually cover the news pretty well. Probably the reason they picked up the story is that a Belarusian, Katya Damenkova, won the supermodel of the year competition last year, and so we are sort of feverish about beauty pageants at the moment.

  2. Thank goodness for bilingual Eastern Europeans, beinghad! Otherwise, how would us stupid Americans know anything? Thanks for stopping by!

    And Paul, I dunno…but you’re probably too old for her.

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