Jewish Golf Club Gets Over Itself

user submitted pictureThe Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that “Brynwood Country Club, a Jewish golf club in Milwaukee that opened in 1929 as a haven from the discriminatory practices of another private golf club, is seeking non-Jewish members to help it survive.”
Now we know there’s some irony in here somewhere: A bunch of Jewish guys who liked to chase a little white ball around were bummed because the evil WASPs wouldn’t let them hit their balls on WASP grass. So they start their own club and have been excluding not only gentiles, but blacks, Asians, and every other minority for 75 years (except, of course, in a servile capacity. Jewish kids make lousy caddies.)
Maybe now that this reeking hypocrisy is hitting it in the coffers, the Brynwood Country Club will become what it should have been in the first place: open to all.

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