Jewish Feminism is HOTT

american jewessThere’s a new blog on the block for “gutsy Jewish chicks” and the people that love them, and even though it’s only three posts old, I had to add it to the blogroll.

Jewesses With Attitude would much rather reclaim the word “Jewess” (think “lioness”) than “JAP” and reflects a conscious attitude towards consumerism and stereotypes. JWA is the sexy little sister of another JWA, the Jewish Women’s Archive, a project concerning itself with the many positive contributions us Semitic ladies have brought to the world.

The term “Jewess” sounds vaguely dirty, almost an epithet — much like”feminist” these days — but I’m ready to take it back. Sh*t, if I’m not a Jewess with attitude, then who is, yo?

One thought on “Jewish Feminism is HOTT

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