Jewish ‘Fat Camp’ Accentuates The Positive

user submitted pictureWith all the recent attention given to the international child obesity epidemic, it’s good to know our Canadian neighbors are on it: Camp Gesher in Cloyne, Ontario has announced the first ever Jewish weight loss camp. Chubby campers will learn how to prepare healthy kosher foods and participate in safe physical activity, but there won’t be any of those awful weigh-ins that any kid would dread. “The program is designed so that that campers will begin to feel comfortable with themselves, because kids who are comfortable with themselves have less tendency to be overweight,” says Shaul Zobary, director of Camp Gesher.
We applaud the Canadian Jewish community for addressing the health of our future Jewish leaders; with nearly 13 percent of American children weighing into the “obese” category we hope we see more programs like this stateside.

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