Jewish-Dolphin marriage ends with the death of Cindy

Cindy the Dolphin and Sharon Married!Our fearless leader the Head Yenta (who is still in the process of moving) enlightened us a few months ago to the story of a Jewish Millionaire, Sharon Tendler, who married a male dolphin named Cindy in Israel. Sadly this love story came to an end as Cindy turned belly up in the Eliat Reef on Sunday, still floating in his favorite spot. Reef workers say that he was not eating properly or swimming normally in the days before his death. He was given a proper burial at sea by the reef workers.

The article doesn’t seem to mention if Cindy’s Jewish wife Sharon Tendler was even at the funeral. She said she was “the happiest girl on earth” back when they got hitched in December of 2005. The word on the street is that Cindy has fathered plenty of offspring in the Eliat Reef so there are more fellas for Sharon to get acquainted with should she ever find love again with another dolphin.

Photo: c/o Ynet

6 thoughts on “Jewish-Dolphin marriage ends with the death of Cindy

  1. Who’d take out an insurance policy on a Dolphin? Who’d underwrite that coverage? That first article said the Dolphin was 35 but now they say 41, is that in dolphin years or did “Cindy” lie to Sharon about his age. Also I suspect he killed himself because his name was “Cindy” after all!

  2. Town Crier, I was caught up with the Heat Games in the NBA Finals so I negleted a few stories for the blog, the Head Yenta won’t mind cuz she knows I’m a Heat fan.

    Joe, the dolphin was still 35, its the Jewish Millionaire who married him who was 41. Also I don’t know if they count Dolphin lives in “dolphin years”, look it up on wikipedia.

    Peace out!

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