Jewdith: As Bada** as a Maccabee

Hearkening the return of asterisks to represent the Yenta’s affinity for blue language, here’s a clip about that clever lady with a strong stomach from The Jewish Channel’s Holy Dazed series. Let this crackling clip mix of interviews with hilarious Jews like my homegirl Judy Gold and Nice Jewish Girl Gone Bad Susanna Perlman
extend the Chanukah ruach just a little longer…if only because I don’t feel like scraping off 44 candles worth wax off the menorah yet.

(Accurate and funny as it is, you can find a more complete version of the Book of Judith at here at Jewish Encyclopedia, but honestly, I found the wiki version more readable.)

The Jewish Channel seems to be going strong, but not surprisingly, doesn’t apprear to be available in Georgia (GPB couldn’t even manage to schedule its two showings of the the Lights Chanukah special at anything other than the most inconvenient times: Shabbat and midnight on a Monday, sheeesh.)

4 thoughts on “Jewdith: As Bada** as a Maccabee

  1. And just to be a pedantic hemorrhoid, here’s more: Yael in the Book of Judges did something similar to Sisera, except she used a tent peg, AND, two parshas ago, we read about (in English)Oholibama (as in Oh holy Obama)who according to Rashi, supposedly was renamed Judith once she forsook (you call this a word?) idolatry. Nah, nah nah, nah nah, nah.

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