Jedi Jews

user submitted pictureNo, we didn’t join the Sith throng this weekends, but we thoroughly enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek treatment by Adam Wills, republished in J. Weekly. Wills lays a Jewish lens on the whole Star Wars bubbeminza and shows us just how much we don’t know, like the fact that the Hebrew on Dark Vader’s chestplate may (or may not) mean something and that Yoda’s name translates to “one who knows” in our ancestral language. Add in ass-kickin’ Jewesses and C3PO’s chair-lifted hora, and you’ve got enough material for a Jewish geek convention.
Says Wills: Even if the “Star Wars” saga wasn’t written specifically with Jews in mind, the theme of good versus evil set in an alien universe speaks to the American Jewish experience.
When we finally do see the last three (or first three, whatever) films we’ll be looking for more clues that George Lucas secretly wishes he were one of the Tribe.

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