Jaywalk of Faith?

user submitted pictureWe don’t normally think of our Orthodox brethren as lawbreakers, but it seems that the highly religious may develop a reputation as deliquents: NewScientist.com reports on an Israeli study that found out ultra-Orthodox Jews of Bnei-Brak were three times as likely to jaywalk than their secular neighbors. The article suggests that “religious people take more risks because they are more fatalistic and have less fear of death,” but it seems to us that not holding a child’s hand while crossing a busy intersection falls under the category of bad parenting rather deep faith. We’re curious if there will be more studies on whether the devoutly uncautious don’t wear their seat belts and leave their cars unlocked in bad neighborhoods.
*thanks to Boy Genius Hooli-oh for this one!

2 thoughts on “Jaywalk of Faith?

  1. LOL, dont know why but this blog post made me laugh. I see them do that all of the time down on South Beach by 41st street. They cross the street like they’re still in Israel. Never knew someone took the time to conduct a scientific study on that behavior!

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