J-Girls Gone Baaaaad-A**

Y’all have got to meet Miriam and Shoshana, the dopest frum maydeles ev-ah. Just ’cause they’re shomer negiah don’t mean they don’t get down, yo!

Highlights that may their parents sitting shivah: “Onion bagels are like crack,” “Sippin’ the ”Chewitz before class,” “Oh shit, sundown!” And what up with the Jesus cameo?

Hat tip to Bridgitte of Yideoz.com, who rightly (and righteously) figured I’d love this!

Update: Hmm, the screen looks wonky…click here to watch!

4 thoughts on “J-Girls Gone Baaaaad-A**

  1. Uhoh … I didn’t know Orthodox Day School could be so def, so rad … so uh ummmm, well what am I thinking sending my boys to school with frum girls!? Did you let EY boy & girl see this!?

  2. Y’know, I was watching it this morning while they were eating breakfast and they saw it – but I think it was over their heads. Abe saw the tzitzit and was all “Cool! Is this another Jewish rap thing?” Kid loves him some Matiyahu.

  3. Uh, sorry but… just goes to show that Jewish hiphop wanna bees can rap just as badly as non-frum wannabeees -although having lived in that area, and around that neighborhood, and having known quite a few frum girls, this has a strong undertone of non-frummies making fun. Just sayin.

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