Israel is lookin’ good!

On they dispel any notion of Israel being too dangerous to visit. There are actually waiting lists full of eager tourists from all over the word who want to enjoy Israel thought the “Birthright Israel Program”. You can catch an educational tour for the low low price of gratis. Here’s the quick blurb from below:

The birthright israel program celebrated the arrival in Israel of its 100,000 participant.

New York City resident Stephanie Lowenthal, 26, arrived Tuesday, becoming the 100,000th young Jewish adult from around the world to enjoy the free educational tours of the country.

“Taglit-birthright israel has brought about a dramatic change, making Israel more attractive to the young generation of Diaspora Jews, and for the first time in decades there are waiting lists for people wanting to come to Israel,” said the program’s CEO, Shimshon Shoshani.

Some 12,000 Jews will arrive in Israel through the program in the summer of 2006, from 28 countries.

While some folks are running scared on 6/6/06, we’d like to fill our day with good news instead.

One thought on “Israel is lookin’ good!

  1. I have never understood why Jews from all over the world are allowed a birthright trip, yet Palestinians who were actually born on the land are not allow back. A bit hypocritical wouldn’t you say?

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