Isn’t She Pretty?

As promised, here’s Her Highness Queen Vashti, all done up for the Purim festivities at Mickve Israel Monday night.

I, of course, went in my usual drag as Haman with black eyeliner handlebar mustache. Next year I must remember to add the noose!

Isn’t it so deliciously naughty to let loose in synagogue? El Yenta Man and I are always so into being super loud and raucous on Purim since it is a commandment, but mostly it’s an excuse to be as obnoxious as we truly are. What do you think – passing a flask back and forth over the pews – crossing a line? Seriously, you should have seen the stinkeye one lady gave us after the queen’s blown up-surgical glove-boobies got loose and tossed around the sanctuary like beach balls at a Dead show.

Speaking of good tunes, it didn’t help subdue the Yenta family that Elvis was on the bima. TMI brought in rawkin’ Jewish music macher Sam Glaser to entertain us little ol’ Savannahians and the man got into the ruach of Purim, yo!

Elvis’ Sam’s catchy compositions had us singing and dancing and jumping up and down – the lady across the aisle looked terrified. His kids’ tunes are on heavy rotation on the Yenta’s Shalom School soundtrack, but it wasn’t until I bought the grown-up album Presence that I’ve discovered the spiritual depth and diversity of this artist. Such a marvelous treat to hear him in person!

I don’t think the goatee freaked him out at all.

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