Irony of Ironies

First off, good morning! WE WON. And by “we,” I mean our entire country – may Obama’s ideals translate to a saner, more prosperous and kinder world for all of us.

And better news: Our new Prez, being the kind of fellow who taps the best and brightest to help fulfill his vision, is looking at supersmart Jew Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff! More of Obama’s Cabinet speculations here. (Me, I’m filling my cabinet with healthy snacks ’cause the Yenta children are still schizzed out on Halloween candy.)

But a progressive, dove-ish, brown-skinned president isn’t the irony of which I speak, ’cause it’s not really all that ironic at all (any slackers remember that line in “Reality Bites” when Winona Ryder totally chokes on the definition of “irony”?) No, ironic is the name of your favorite Yenta appearing on a marquee for a Catholic Church, dontcha think?

Now, why would the lovely Sarah Fleetwood risk excommunication by inviting me to speak at the Cabrini Mother’s Group last week? I don’t know, but I hope they’ll still let her back in. I talked feminism, Judaism and rock n’ roll, and bless their hearts, that super nice group of women didn’t even throw crucifixes at me when I performed my Kitchen Sink poem.

Thank you to Sarah and the moms – it was a blast – I even got to shake hands with a real, live nun! I’ve also enjoyed the confused phone calls and emails from my local readers who almost drove off the road when they saw the sign.

I have to say, I’ve always liked the Catholics best (don’t be mad, Dana, you’re still my favorite Methodist) – I’ve always had something of an obsession with the Virgin the Guadalupe statues, and besides, they believe all dogs go to heaven: Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Irony of Ironies

  1. O the prez-elect has had another supersmart MOT Dennis Ross advising him on Middle East policy during the campaign, no word yet on whether Dennis gets a new job in ’09.

  2. Yo: Talk about heaven, what about fire hydrants – one thing always leads to another. Not only do I love your Yiddische schnoz, but the ‘feminism, Judaism, and rock ‘n roll’ crack is hilarious.

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