If You Were A Jewish Giant…

big mezuzahYou’d need one of these for the big a** doorpost of your house.

Torah scribe and artist Avraham Borshevsky has created the world’s largest mezuzah for those extra large in stature and/or faith, and while Borshevsky’s motivation may not be fame, the Guiness Book of World Records has handed down its blessing.

Even a fool Jew like me knows of HaShem’s strong admonition that we place the holy words contained therein all over our doors and gates, so I’m wondering why we’ve all got these dinky three-inch jobbies hanging around. Shouldn’t all mezuzim be at least the size of, say, a baguette challah?

A chaste winky wink to the Bangitout blog for the tip.

2 thoughts on “If You Were A Jewish Giant…

  1. I think Trump has the kinda sized door to accomodate that mezuzah. Do you think the online casino golden palace folks will buy it like they did Captin Kurk’s kidney stone?

  2. Wow, now I’ve seen everything. I think I’ll stick with my “dinky three-inch jobby” though since my doorway isn’t very big =(

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