If You Had A Two-Year-Old That Licks Things, You’d Be A Germ Freak, Too

toilet Today begins a Yenta family vacation that will involve much use of public restrooms. This is relevant to the recent discovery of knowledge that no Jewish mother wants to hear: Toilet paper covers are a placebo.

Nevertheless, I’m still using ’em, along with that anti-bacterial gel stuff that isn’t supposed to work. If we can’t have our delusions of sanitation, what do we have?

3 thoughts on “If You Had A Two-Year-Old That Licks Things, You’d Be A Germ Freak, Too

  1. Looking at that toilet seat with a cover on it brought back some very funny memories of my typical Jewish mother. She always warned us about the horrors of sitting on seats that “those people” sat on and never was able to explain just what diseases we could catch sitting there or who “those people” were. However, we were allowed to lift seats and touch faucets, without consideration of whether touching could pick up germs. We were told to wash hands but not necessarily with soap. How funny. Yes, today I have gotten over my mother now that I am 63 and all have stopped calling me Portnoy. lol However, I have discovered a new use for toilet cover seats. I am retired and work as a party clown. I am always looking to have fun with people, especially in restaurants where I bring out my edible roaches and do my schtick with the waitress showing her my “friends” on a plate, then telling her all is ok and eating them. This is followed by eating the napkin (also edible). However, being the clean freak I am, before eating the roaches, I take out my toilet seat cover and put it over my neck as a bib, I explain that they splatter.
    Pop Pop The Magic Clown
    aka Steve Dunner
    Wilmington, DE

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