10 thoughts on “I Love Cori For Sending This

  1. Hey Cori, what a bunch of propaganda lies. Not all Jews are democrats! Ever hear of JRC (Jewish Republican Coalition)?? Maybe they would like to respond to this.

  2. Barbara — Yes of course, the GOP will protect our precious earth, tap the potential of stem cells to alleviate human suffering and send my sons to Iran — of course I see the lib-lies — and I love the cookies — McCain all the way baybee! … and those 70% of Jews who are likely voting Obama, what a bunch of meshuggahnuts.

  3. Personally, I think you’re all wrong. I’m financially conservative and socially liberal. Basically, I think democrats are republicans with a different colored tie and indebted to a different group of lobbyists. Politicians see their jobs more as making sure they get re-elected rather than doing what is right for the people that elected them. I refuse to blindly follow one of these groups just because they tell me I am supposed to because I believe in the idea of the platform that they don’t necessarily follow.
    Republicans are better than democrats, democrats are better than republicans; would an indian leg wrestling match settle all of this?

  4. I take it back; I agree with Johnny. I have a sticker on the Yentamobile that says “Not Fooled by the Government” – but really, we have to vote for SOMEBODY, right?

    What exactly is an Indian leg wrestling match?

  5. We were forced to play it in 6th grade gym. The two players lie side by side in opposite directions, lift the leg closest to the other player and at the count of three lock the legs and try to flip the other player over. It’s a little more complicated than that but that is the general idea.
    Here’s a clip from youtube…

    As a policy, I end up voting for the person who will cause the least amount of damage. I’m dissapointed by the two major parties because they end up running candidates to their parties’ political extremes. I’d feel more comfortable with a moderate who I know wouldn’t screw stuff up too much.

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