Hitler Reponsible For Master Race Of Fake Women?

user submitted pictureAs if Hitler didn’t do enough for Western civilization, an Italian newspaper now says that he is the creator of the inflatable sex doll. YNet reports that the Fuhrer commissioned a Danish doctor to develop a five-foot nine blonde, blue-eyed plastic female likeness with “large breasts and lips” and holes in all the right places in order “to serve the sexual needs of the German fighting man” who might otherwise go break down and find some foreign booty, thereby polluting the Aryan race. Hitler never got his dream girl off the assembly line, however, since the Dresden factory where the surrogate sex slaves were to be produced was bombed by the Allies.

Honestly, this story is just so nasty we don’t even know where to begin. It may not even be true, but the damage on our psyche has been done.
Tip o’ the cowboy hat to News For Members Of The Tribe.

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