Here Comes That “Weird No-Bread Holiday”

user submitted posted this hilarious essay by the self-effacing Steve Hofstetter about keepin’ Pesach while everyone else on campus is partying with their Wonder bread and Twinkies, not to mention that ubiquitous beverage of yeast, barley and hops
(all verboten): “Waving beer in front of a Jew on Passover is like waving a donut in front of a fat guy on a diet.”
On a related note that we almost—almost— forgot because we no longer enjoy the long, lazy afternoons of being a stoner college student, today is 4/20, which surely means something to these guys.

2 thoughts on “Here Comes That “Weird No-Bread Holiday”

  1. Dont forget what the book of Genesis says, G-D gave us every herb and seed-bearing plant to use. Happy 4-20 and enjoy Passover guys!

  2. where does it say that? what? are you serious. post a link i need to brush up on my hebrew or something i missed that.

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