Help the Yenta?

Dearest readers, you know I love you, right? Some of you have been with me since the crappy beginnings of this blog comin’ on six years ago, when I still wrote in the plural first person and “Paris Hilton” appeared in my Google News Alerts for “kabbalah.” It still thrills me to no end when you leave a comment, because that’s the only way I know you’ve been here.

See, unlike some bloggers who keep track of their hits and which search engine led you to click around this spillage of modern Jewish life, I have no such skillz. Once in a while my Boy Wonder Webmaster will forward on some scary looking graphy-things that show a surprising amount of traffic (I thought it was more of a suburban cul-de-sac deal; turns out it’s the busy intersection — of the only stoplight in a small town.) So I know there’s plenty of you lurking out there, which is just fine. Anonymity can sometimes be the only thing we’ve got left in this post-your-latest-indigestion-issues-on-Facebook world.

But I’d like to ask you for a little favor. I’ve been bouncing around the idea of writing a book — well, a book proposal; let’s not get too famisht — and I’d super appreciate it if you would tell me what some of your favorite posts have been over the years. Maybe it’s stories about Jewish mothers have to play Santa sometimes, maybe it’s the farkakate explanations of Jewish holidays, maybe it’s the tales of Southern Jewish life.

I know you’re a busy person. If there’s anything that’s stuck in your mind in your travels in Yentaland, I’d be most grateful if you let me know below. And it fools your boss into thinking you’re being productive and it makes your Friday afternoon go faster, you can sift through the piles of archives to the right of your screen. Should the heavens align and something ever makes it into print in spite of my laziness and mild narcolepsy, I will kvell ALL OVER you in the acknowledgments, promise.

So think about it, maybe while you’re resting up this Shabbat, and get back to me.

11 thoughts on “Help the Yenta?

  1. I think the Santa story is one of my favorites but I’ll let you know if something else comes up for me!

    Eva 😉

  2. I couldn’t figure out how to search your archives for this article, but somehow, someway, Cheech deserves a mention.

  3. I thought the one about the tooth fairy and the little notes was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever read!!

  4. You should definitely include the one about your mother-in-law’s dementia (and you dancing with her in grocery stores).
    It’s both funny touching.

  5. I love all your Santa/Christmas stories (I’ve only been with you a while but I follow your links to your archived blogs). But I also like all of your stories about the challenges of raising nice little Jewish kids in a very southern christian old town with a lot of Irish Catholic and redneck roots. The clash of so many cultures is usually pretty hysterical

  6. I say anything that has to do with southern Jews b/c people still think they can’t possibly be in a place that serves grits 3 meals a day and a Jsh kid in Irish dance class. You usually make me laugh out loud!

  7. It’s all good, but I’m specially appreciative of the posts you do on Jewish music; you’ve introduced me to a few new bands … your blogging from the music festival in ATL awhile back was very cool

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